Coaches Corner

1 – Workshop :

We will be updating this section in October 2013.

All Coaches must me be a member with US Lacrosse Organization, click here to register:

Also, All coaches must complete a City of Hollywood Background Check . All New coaches must attend A City Training Seminar appxo 1 hour.

Click here  to complete the form.  Submit  the form to the Club when it is completed.

2 – Hollywood Panthers Soccer Coaches Education :

Coaches are some of the most influential role models in kids’ lives today. Are you up for the challenge?

With the explosive growth of the sport of lacrosse around the country, the need for knowledgeable, experienced coaches is greater than ever before. US Lacrosse is committed to providing opportunities to develop these important leaders, through online offerings, clinics and comprehensive certification.

The US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program provides you with all the tools you need to be a successful coach. Learn more about the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program.

According to research, a successful coach…

• is motivational and inspires athletes to improve and work hard,
• is knowledgeable about the skills and tactics of the sport,
• is relational and excellent at communicating with players and parents,
• possesses good character and is a positive role model.

US Lacrosse will help you achieve these goals, whether you played the game, have coached for many years, or are just volunteering for your child’s program.

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5 – Volunteer Coaches :

HELP! I Volunteered to Coach…What do I do? Many first time coaches volunteer or are volunteered to the job. First things first…Relax.  Relax and think about how much fun you are going to have with these little Under-5 to Under-14 soccer players. Goal: Create a fun, learning soccer environment for your players in training and in games. How?

  • Talk to the Program Director and request helpful coaching materials and coaching aids.
  • Talk to other Lacrosse Coaches in the program or in your community who have worked with these age groups before.
  • Visit US Lacrosse organization  for helpful coaching materials and coaching aids.


Team Management:

Prepare a list of simple and clear rules for your players and their parents. Conduct a preseason meeting to review these rules and to go over other important information and to complete important administrative paperwork.

Consider the following:

Schedules and locations for training sessions and games.
Drop off and pick up times for training sessions and games.
Player responsibilities and behavior at training sessions and games.
Parent responsibilities and behavior at training sessions and games.
Player equipment (lacrosse stick, lacrosse ball,   pads,  lacrosse, soccer or similar shoes or sneakers, appropriate clothing).
Coaching equipment (#3 soccer balls, 25-30 cones, 10 vests/pennies, basic first aid kit, small cooler of ice and zip lock bags).

Discuss the procedure for canceling training sessions and games.
Discuss your philosophy of coaching…it’s about player development, not winning and losing!

Risk Management:

Provide proper age appropriate activities at training sessions and games.
Assure that training and playing areas are safe.
Make sure that all players are wearing the correct equipment and that it is appropriately sized.
Make sure that you are assisted by another adult when coaching the players (This includes the time when players arrive and when they depart from training sessions and games).
Create a plan for any medical emergencies/injuries.

The Training Session – Under-6 Format

Duration is 45-60 minutes.
Every child has a ball and LAX stick.
Individual activities.
Warm-up activities include movement education approach…with and without a ball (10 minutes). Fun games activities with and with out a ball (20 minutes).
Conclude with 3v3 games to two goals, with no goalkeepers.

The Training SessionUnder-9 – 15 Format

Duration is 60 minutes.
Every child has a ball.
Individual and partner activities.
Warm-up activities with and without the ball – passing (15 minutes).
Maze games and target games (25 minutes).
Conclude with 4v4 games to two goals, with no goalkeepers

6 –  Video

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7 – Drills

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