2013 Game Day Rules – Boys

2013 Game Day Rules- Boys

Hollywood Panthers follows the general guidelines found in the “Boys & Girls Lacrosse Rules Book”

(National Federation of State High School Associations/US Lacrosse) including the section on Youth Lacrosse. Minor differences and highlights are outlined here in the “Hollywood Panthers Game Day Rules”.

Hollywood Panthers Lacrosse is a recreational / competitive league. The purpose of the league is to provide an enjoyable experience for each youth participant, while developing character, skills, sportsmanship and promoting

Excellence amongst all teams and individuals. Emphasis should be on having FUN!


  • U7 – 10 minute running (Whistle at 5 minutes for quick substitution only)
  • U9, U11 – 12 minute running
  • U13, U15 – 15 minute running
  • All games are running time. There are no horns. All subs on the fly. Clock stops at
  • timeouts (officials and team). 2 time outs per half.
  • U11, U13, U15 – 1 OT – 4 minute Sudden Victory if needed with 1 time out
  • Final 2 minute stalling rule is in effect for U13, U 15 only.
  • No 20 second defensive count or 10 second offensive count will be used at any level



  • No Take-Out Checks are allowed at any level. A take out check is defined as any

check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to

put the other player on the ground.

  • U7, U9, U11 – No body checking (incidental contact OK per guidelines) Incidental

contact or use of hips on ground balls and on defense is allowed, within 3 yards of the ball.

  • U13, U15 – Body checking is allowed per rules
  • 3 Yard Rule is in effect at all levels



  • U7 – 5 v 5 (can go 7 v 7 if both coaches agree), Modified size field, shot blockers
  • (Rolling the ball under the shot blocker does not count as a goal- ball awarded to

defensive team)

  • U9 – Full Field, Goalies (if team has no Goalie shot blocker can be used (no rolling ball

shots – see U7) or flip goal over to small V.

  • U11, U13, U15 – Full Field



  • Goalies are required to wear arm pads (Boys)


  • U7, U9- 1 coach is allowed on field during games (no stick, gloves etc)
  • U11, U13, U15 – No coaches on field